My name is Sam Perrow, and I like doing computer programming for a career and for fun.

Like many others, I started my web development career making WordPress sites, and later I created two WordPress plugins as my first true programming projects. I now work as a SharePoint developer.

For me, the most rewarding experiences in computer programming are:

1) Solving problems.
2) Seeing others benefit from using my programs.

I take an immense about of pride in my work, and always strive for the nearly unattainable goal of perfect code. So, if you notice an error or potential improvement in my work, please share as I would love to hear your suggestions.

My Open Source Projects

SP Calendar Pro

An ultra lightweight, dependency-free JavaScript library to easily manage SharePoint calendar events.


    listName: 'StaffSchedule'
}).ready(function(data, obj) {
    if (obj.error) console.error( obj.error );
    console.table( data );

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Pre* Party Resource Hints

This plugin allows users to automatically and easily embed resource hints into their website to improve page load time. DNS prefetch, prerender, preconnect, prefetch, and preload are all supported.

Video Demo:

View on the WordPress Plugin Repository

Fast Video and Image Display

Allows users to display YouTube videos and images while having zero impact on page load time, easily cutting load time and total page size by several seconds. The video thumbnail image, YouTube video, and specified images are loaded after the load event in the browser.

The YouTube video above is loaded with this plugin.

View on the WordPress Plugin Repository