The two methods below are the first that should be called by the user. After this SOAP request is executed and the calendar data has been returned from SharePoint, date filtering methods can be applied.

Function Name


Returns calendar events, to include single and/or recurring events.

Returns list items.


These two methods accept an object as a parameter with the following available properties:

var data = {
    listName: "StaffSchedule",                            // The name of the calendar or list. The only required field.
    where: "CompletedDate > 2019-01-01 00:00:00",         // Return only events that have a CompletedDate after Jan 1, 2019.
    fields: ["Name", "Address"]                           // Define an array of list columns that you would like returned. Default: SharePoint returns only mandatory fields unless specified here.

spcalpro.getCalendarEvents(data).ready(function(data, obj) {    // Execute the query asynchronously
    if (obj.error) console.error(obj.error);                        

The data object above can include a callback property which has a function name as the value which will override the .ready() callback method if provided.