Send Blind CC Email Addresses From Workflows

I did not think it were possible to send blind CC emails from SharePoint, but recently I learned that it can be done, thanks to a co-worker’s suggestion. Based on the default “Send Email” SP workflow action, you wouldn’t think it were possible to add blind CC email addresses because there is no option for a blind CC field:

Sending blind CC emails from SharePoint can obviously be advantageous for many reasons:

  • Preventing the recipients from knowing other recipients’ email addresses.
  • Receiving email notices without the recipients’ knowledge.
  • Receiving debugging notices, and ensure the sent emails do not contain errors.

Starting from a SharePoint workflow, follow these steps to insert blind CC email addresses:

1. Add the “Send Email” action to the workflow.

2. Click the arrow at the right of the action, and click “Properties”.

3. Next you will see a modal screen, and click the “…” square to the right of the “BCC” row.

4. Insert the email addresses you would like to be blind CC’d when these emails are sent, as you would any other people picker field.

This is a very simple trick that I wish I knew about long ago, so I thought I would share this knowledge with the world.